Super Jesus, super powers

Christology (the study of Jesus) with the 4 yo

In the silence following night time prayers...

4 yo: How does Jesus hear us all the way up in heaven? Is there a microphone? 
Me: No, he's just able to hear us because he has power.
4 yo: What kind of power?
Me: (Lengthy rendition of Jesus' miracles on earth: calming stormy sea, healing people, changing hearts).
4 yo: But what other powers does Jesus have? (Guess those weren't impressive enough).
Me: Well, he came back from the dead after he died on earth.
4 yo: After the bad guys killed him? And hit him with a sharp sword? And put him in the tube with the rocks? (*tomb!)
Me: Yup.
4 yo: But does Jesus have a cape?
Me: No, honey.

Chitchat I can't remember and then...

4 yo: How did he get to earth?
Me: He came down from heaven.
4 yo: But what if he accidentally ran into Jupiter or Saturn on the way down?
Me: Well, I don't think so...
4 yo: Did he run into any planets at all?
Me: Uh, no, I don't think he did.

This conversation happened a couple of years back (see note at bottom) but the questions are timeless. Scriptures give insight into the historical Jesus Christ and His message, but what does that mean for us today? What does it mean that Jesus has power? Do we wish those powers would look differently? I'm sometimes tempted to want an all powerful, in-charge type of Savior instead of a self-emptying healer whose moral arc always bends toward justice

In these days, I'm thinking more about what Jesus did with his power, and what I can do with mine, for the sake of healing, justice and right relationships. No cape required.

Note: This conversation occurred and was previously published on Dec. 6, 2017, on social media. I'll publish some "older" reflections here that are timeless in theological scope.  Conversations are written as verbatim as I can remember, just after the chats. I tend to remember the children's questions with decent accuracy, perhaps less well my own responses.


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