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Bedtime theology with the 8 and 10-year-olds...   ( In the kitchen )  Me: ( Sings a silly song and dances around )  8 yo: Zero followers!  Me: Awww, come on! That wasn’t that bad! How do you kids know about social media followers? 10 yo: We heard about YouTube followers at school.  Me: Oh. Well, I wonder how many followers Jesus would have if he were on YouTube?  10 yo: Whoa, he’d have so many followers that he’d break YouTube. Would Jesus really have that many YouTube followers? You might think so, but then again he had some pretty unpopular advice. Imagine these posts: 10 Easy Ways to Sell Your Possessions and Give the Money to the Poor. How To Hang Out With the Most Unpopular Crowd. Give up Your Life with an Excruciating Death. This doesn't seem like a popular channel to me.  It's funny because people are absolutely monetizing religion on social media (my son explained to me that when you get a certain number of followers, YouTube actually pays you. I had no idea.) People ar

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