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Sharing the land

Bedtime theology with the 9 and 6 yo...   (After reading the story of the Battle of Jericho) 9 yo: So did people already live in the land that God was giving the Israelites? Me: Yeah, there were people living there. 9 yo: But that’s not nice. If there were already people living there, the Israelites were invaders. Me: Well that is a good point. God promised the people a land, but yes, there were already people there. 9 yo: God is mean! Me: Some of these old stories in the Bible are hard to hear.  6 yo: I bet God regretted it. Me: Maybe God did. You know, I think these stories were written by the Israelites to show God’s power and how God saved them and helped them. But yeah, it isn't fair to the people already living there. 9 yo: They could have just shared the land, you know. It's Thanksgiving Eve, in a place nothing like Jericho, except for one thing: someone else was living on this land first. We could have just shared it, but we did not.  I had the above conversat

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