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Bedtime theology with the 10 yo… (Driving home from school, and passing by the Lutheran church I once served as pastor) Me: Huh, that guy is bringing his trash to put in the church dumpster. I wonder what the church thinks about that? 10 yo: Well the sign does say “all are welcome.” Me: Where did you see that? 10 yo: That sign out front, see? It says “all are welcome.” So, all are welcome to bring their trash. This is an entire sermon already and this is why children are good theologians. When you come to church, you are welcome to bring your trash. This is not what people think to bring when they come to church. People often wear their nice clothes and bring their good manners. They say "fine, good" when you ask them how they are doing. They smile during the passing of the peace or at the coffee hour. People often do not come when they feel like garbage. They don't want to sully the place with it. But maybe they should. In a Facebook group I'm part of, someone re

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